YOUPHORIA drama by: Q1 Literaturkurs 2018/2019

Have you ever thought of taking a pill that quickly and effectively takes some of your weaknesses away like lack of willpower, lack of physical strength, lack of self-confidence?
This question was the topic of our play YOUPHORIA that the drama class English (Q1) invented and put up on stage last Thursday, 6 of June 2019.
For one year the group always had class on Thursday afternoons, developing ideas and putting a story together, in which 5 people in totally different life situations each decide to follow the advertisement of a YOUPHORIA CENTER in Silicon Valley, USA, which promises to make you happy and strong with the new pill YOUPHOR which supposedly causes no side effects whatsoever… except of course you stop taking it…

The group of about 20 students played in front of a full house, the assembly hall of MWG. With lots of sound and visual effect and an audience that fully supported the performance with their applause and laughters, the students showed their play with enthusiasm in a simply very good English.
We are very pleased with that night and hope for more events in English on the stage of Maria-Wächtler Gymnasium.

Thanks to everyone who helped us get this play together.

Susanne Hermanns and Ellen Rohling-Töpper

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