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Hi everybody! For those of you who don’t already know me, my name is Stephen Buckley, I’m 23 years old and I come from Southampton, England. After studying German and Politics at the University of Sheffield, I came to work as a language assistant at the MWG in October 2020, where I helped out in English lessons. I did everything from correcting essays to running an English club. I enjoyed my time here so much that I decided I wanted to work with you all for another year! I’ll be joining some of you in your classes from the 1st September and can’t wait to see some old faces as well as meet some new pupils!

A little bit about me…

As you can imagine, I’m very interested in politics as well as the German language – despite Brexit, I still have a strong interest in the European Union! My other hobbies include travelling, learning foreign languages (currently French and Dutch) alongside German, as well as eating Döner at various kebab shops around Essen and North-Rhine Westphalia. I have lived in Klagenfurt, Austria as well as Regensburg in Bavaria. I particularly enjoy chatting with my friends I have made along the way, who come from all over the world.

I hope you all had a pleasant and relaxing summer holidays despite the very difficult situation we are in.

See you all in September!

Stephen Buckley

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